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Turns out more people call in sick the day after the Super Bowl than any other day. Huh. Super Sick Monday is a Cannes-winning fully integrated campaign — TV, social, influencer content, newspaper, Terry Bradshaw, you name it.

The crown jewel though, would have to be the spot we aired in the

first commercial break after the final whistle of the Super Bowl.


For a big picture of the campaign and its results, take a gander at the case study. Super Sick Monday won a Lion of the Bronze variety at Cannes and was shortlisted twice.

Teaser spot in the week leading up to the game:

CD, Art Director - Mikey Harmon

CD, Copywriter - Adam Koehler

Executive Creative Directors - Geoff Bentz and Nic Howell

Client - Mucinex / RB
Agency - McCann NY

:30 TV Directed by Will Speck & Josh Gordon

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